Another amazing year at GEV


Is 2013 really over?

As usual, this year at Good Eye Video has been a vivid and ever expanding adventure into the land of individual passion and collective action. We’ve watched Cambodian artists re-imagine their cultural identity and northeastern farmers, millers and bakers re-invent a local grain economy. We’ve seen fellow New Yorkers offer a helping hand to homeless youth and women around the world stand together in solidarity. We’ve been inspired to question and moved to indignation. But each one of our projects has introduced us to amazing individuals whose vision for building something better still lingers in our after work conversations and in our larger sense of what a better world can be.
Looking back, it’s difficult to put into words what the past 5 years of Good Eye Video have meant… particularly when there are shoots to schedule and footage to edit and scripts to write. But we wanted to take a moment to share another year filled with new faces and new places. 2014 holds some exciting changes for us, but our gratitude to those who allow us to be part of their stories remains unwavering.


We got the chance to work with the Global Fund for Women (and a cast of incredible actresses) to put together this video for their 25th anniversary gala, highlighting the sometimes overlooked strengths that women around the world carry. It was a really incredible creative opportunity to tell such a broad and important story.
As fans of both local food and incredible sourdough baguettes, it was a blast to work with GrowNYC to create this video about the fast-growing economy of local grains in the Northeast.
It’s not often that you get to see artists share their entire culture on the global stage. We were delighted to meet Kethya, a Cambodian dancer and Fullbright scholar, who was one such brave creative voice featured in the incredible Season of Cambodia festival in NYC.One of our final projects of the year was for the terrific folks over at Covenant House, an organization who supports New York’s homeless youth. We created this spot for their Sleep Out 2013 campaign.
Thanks for watching, we look forward to sharing more in 2014!

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