Community Service Society – Our City, Our Home

It’s not very often that we get to work with celebrities.  Real life, New York City celebrities.  The kind of people who you meet and  think… “wow, it’s so cool that I just got to work with you!”  But on this shoot, for the Community Service Society of New York,… we did.

CSS is one of those organizations whose been fighting poverty since New York’s horse and buggy days. Over their 170 year history, they’ve participated in some of the biggest struggles low-income New Yorkers have faced. It was amazing to tell the story of their unwavering commitment through the images of our everyday, working neighbors.

So, it’s not surprising that we met some celebrities along the way.  Like Salvador, who stood motionless in the cold with us for an hour in Times Square, and Victor, who happily spent his lunch break riding around on the subways with us.  Not to mention Carolyn, who smiled and smiled for the camera, and of course the entire first grade of super stars at PS 7 in East Harlem. All normal people, whose commitment to hard work, learning and social change made this a truly wonderful project.

And we can’t forget the narrator, Danny Glover. He did a pretty good job too.

Many thanks to all of our celebrity co-stars for their help in making this video possible!

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