How to raise Urban Chickens w/!

Have you ever had a chicken try to roost on your camera? I now can answer yes to that question, after our fascinating day with Bee Ayers of BK Farmyards, one of the many amazing grassroots environmental groups you can find on

We’ve been huge fans of ioby since we met one of the co-founders, Erin Barnes and remain in awe of their evolution into the premiere crowd-funding platform for local environmental projects. ioby empowers neighbors to come together to plant gardens, build rain barrels and yes…. raise chickens in their own backyards.

Part of ioby’s mission is to provide information and resources along with the funding that makes these local environmental projects possible. It’s been our pleasure to create this series of “how to” videos, that help local environmental superheroes share their passion and skill. The above video was featured on Mother Nature Network!

Now I’m doing everything I can to resist sending away for my own brood of mail order chickens!


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