Hudson Guild – “Start Right Here”

Have you been to Chelsea?  That neighborhood on the west side of New York City?  Home to world famous art galleries and the newly-renovated Highline?

I bet you have…  But what you might not know is that Chelsea’s also home to Hudson Guild, an amazing organization that has been supporting low-income residents of the neighborhood public housing buildings for over 100 years.

We had the honor of getting to know this other Chelsea, while telling the story of Hudson Guild and one of its most involved (and photogenic!) families: The Smiths.  Anjie, Asia, Isaiah, and Mary were gracious enough to let us explore their Hudson Guild as they worked and learned (and ate their morning cereal).  We were also lucky to work with Muna, a graduate and big fan of Hudson Guild, who proved an amazing guide through the community.

Of the many wonderful places where we get to spend time, Hudson Guild was special…. overflowing with this powerful sense of community. From toddler yoga to high school cooking classes to senior latin dance… we saw neighbors from age 2 to age 92 in a space that seemed like a home to each.

In a city where we are increasingly separated by occupation, income, age (and the list goes on), it’s a rare blessing to be somewhere that feels expressly designed to bring people together.Thanks to the many residents of Chelsea who lent us their time, smiles and yes…. amazing dance mores (we mean you 1st graders!) We hope you’ll watch this video and next time you’re in Chelsea… look up at those big brick buildings and see what we see…. a whole community facing each day, together.


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