Our Fonkoze Video: a DoGooder Award Finalist!

Our first reaction to the news that our video for Fonkoze is a finalist in the 2012 DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards was excitement. These awards are the closest thing our industry gets to the Oscars and it’s certainly nice to feel like your work is being appreciated by your peers. But my second reaction upon browsing some of the other finalists was deeper. There is a lot of bad video out here on the internet… so it’s rare to see so much wonderful, thoughtful, strategic work all in one place. We’re heartened to see beautiful videos on behalf of orgs of all shapes and sizes. My personal favorite is from, Visible Men … not only does it have terrific visuals, but it also weaves personal stories with a simple and clear narrative.

Finally we are so proud that the story of the “Solid Women” who we met in Haiti is getting the recognition it deserves. These women… who make up a powerful network of  entrepreneurs throughout the country deserve our support and respect. Please vote to help this story to continue to spread far and wide. You can vote HERE (Once/day until March 28th!)


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