begins somewhere along a winding dirt road in rural western Kenya. Afternoon equatorial heat and a heavy backpack full of gear… muddy boots and a new feeling…

I’d traveled to Kenya to create a video for a small non-profit building schools in the region. What I found were kids carrying bricks up a hillside one by one to help build their new classroom. I found Americans who had made it their life’s work to make sure the project was nurtured. I found a world of unimaginable challenges and a community of people crazy and passionate enough to tackle them… with all their hearts.

Walking on that Kenyan road I was filled with the feeling that I wanted to be one of those people… that there was work to be done telling these stories. Not just documenting atrocities and celebrating victories, but using the potential of our eyes and ears to engage us in the creative do-gooding that exists in nooks and crannies all over the world.

So I came back and started Good Eye Video, a company solely devoted to the incredible challenge of using video to tell the story of non-profits, educators and communities. Our company has sprouted from that sense of awe at the creative ways individuals and non-profits go about changing the little piece of the world they care about.

We’ve watched communities in the Bronx reclaim their river and Brazilians provide a fresh start for their orphans. We’ve seen exchange students bridge cultures and Somali refugees make new homes. It’s been just the adventure I thought it would be starting out on that Kenyan afternoon. And I believe we’re just getting started…

Dan Lane
Founder, Good Eye Video