Education / Every day you can use video to help accomplish your mission. We’re here to help.

We provide hands on, practical training that can help your staff and volunteers use video to tell your story. We focus not only on holding the camera steady (although that’s important!), but we also help you navigate the overwhelming landscape of internet video. We explore:

-In-house video shooting & editing
-Story and concept creation

-Techniques for self-distribution
-Integrating video into your every day communications

Our workshops are designed to give you a comfortable intro to the technical side while opening up a world of possibilities for your content and message.

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Throughout our travels in the non-profit video universe, we’ve been taking notes. Here are
some of our favorite resources which you might find helpful as you start creating your own video:

The big picture of non-profit video

The Daily DoGooder
An essential daily serving of the best non-profit videos. Subscribe!

Digital Storytelling from Soup to Nuts
Includes some interesting ideas for approaching storytelling.

The Starter Guide to Non-Profit Storytelling
A really solid handbook for any non-profit that wants to tell it’s story



Resources for in-house video

Digital storytelling: A tutorial in 10 easy steps
A great practical starting point for actually producing in-house video.

New Media Toolkit
A diverse collection of DIY new media resources.

The Complete Guide to Non-Profit Video
A step by step PDF which includes things like performance releases
along with the technical nitty-gritty of camera selection.

Socialbrite Video Tutorials
This collection of tutorials touches almost every aspect of in-house
video production.

YouTube Non-Profit Program
An awesome way to distribute your videos and link up viewers with
calls to action and online donations.