Strategy / How can we create videos that DO something?

In addition to producing awesome videos, we also work with our clients to develop smart strategies.
The answer is different for every organization, but it always includes a creatively conceived concept, targeted
at a well-defined audience and delivered in a way that captures viewers and inspires action.

We offer help in navigating this ever-changing sea of content. Here’s how:

Custom Video Strategy
Together we can build a strategic plan for distributing your videos
to the people who count.
Non-Profit Video 101 (PDF – click to download)
A quick crash course in fundamentals
of great non-profit video.
We made a great video… now what? (PDFclick to download)
A quick guide to give your video
a real shot at reaching people.
Good Eye Blog
We’re constantly learning about creative ways people are finding
to make effective video. Learn more about our adventure and take-aways.

Articles and Resources:

How to Save the World by Nicholas Kristof
This article beautifully captures the centrality of story that guides so much of our work.

If I look at the mass I will never act by Paul Slovic
Research by Paul Slovic shows the power of individual stories in creating empathy (and donations!)

How to find stories from Social Brite
This is a terrific article on strategies for generating story ideas.

Can we help you build your strategy?

We strongly believe that good videos are nothing without a solid strategy behind them. Whether it’s giving you a few ideas for video distribution or developing a complete strategic plan, we’d love to help!

For information on strategy…

or call: 917-623-3179