CUNY School of Law – Pipeline to Justice

A few years ago, we made a video for the CUNY School of Law.  We interviewed a group of activists, business owners, accountants and cab drivers who had big dreams of changing the world, but weren’t quite sure how to do it.

Until they heard about CUNY School of Law.

Armed with the motto “law in service of human needs,” graduates of CUNY Law are changing the world in unbelievable ways.

So, when CUNY Law asked us to help make a video for their new Pipeline to Justice program… we were pretty thrilled.  Pipeline to Justice invests in underrepresented students, whose LSAT scores and undergraduate grades don’t give them credit for the amazing lives they’ve led and the change they are determined to make in their communities.  I think we can all agree that the college and graduate school admission process is a bit flawed.  Wouldn’t it be revolutionary if your admission depended on your experience, your ambitions, and your passion… instead of solely on your test scores?  We think this program is doing just that, putting students who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to study at CUNY School of Law on a path to a fantastic legal education.

With all of this in mind, we asked some current Pipeline students to read excerpts from their admissions essays.  We heard stories about incarceration, Peace Corps travels, and Riker’s Island.  It was difficult to fit so much amazing content into one short piece, but we think the end result is pretty powerful.  Please have a look and if you think you want to change the world… check out CUNY School of Law!


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